A platform for all your natural products selling needs.

Sell from our wide selection of products and you can also bring in your own product lines to the platform, giving your manufacturers a guranteed place to sell, while highlighting their products, you can also bring them into multiple stores.

We pride ourselves in helping people just like you start a profitable online business, using cutting-edge websites, pre-loaded with the best natural products in the industry.

You Sell

When you subscribe, you receive a fully loaded store, full of some of the top well-known brands in the Natural Food Industry, as well as new innovative brands.

We Ship

Once orders are placed by your customers, we will ship all the products for you.   Tracking information available for you and your customers.  

You're Paid

You receive most of the profits; there is a 45-70% margin on the products. Addtional multiple revenue streams are available. 

Multiple Revenue Sources
Product Sales
Thousands of products with great margins, your profit will be strong and steady.
Bring on new store owners and receive commisions on the sales of their products. Great source of recurring income.
Banner Ads
Receive payment for banners placed on your website by manufacturers, and other store owners.
You will receive money for advertisments in your newsletters and email campaigns.
Turn-Key Website

When you subscribe, you receive a fully loaded webstore, full of some of the most well-known brands in the natural food industry, as well as some of the new innovative brands. Your website will not be cookie cutter, but a cutting edge design of your choosing..

10,000+ Natural Products

1,000's of well known natural product brands.

Product Updates

With over 10,000 products, you are getting a system that updates. Your will always be updated with new and discontinued products .

Inventory Updates

You are getting a system that updates products inventory. You will receive new products monthly and products that are discontinued will be updated and sent to you.

Eco-friendly Business
We believe that our body is made from the natural ingredients of the earth, therefore we believe in selling eco-friendly products that are healthy for inside and outside of our body.
Revenue Sources
Multiple revenue sources, no sweating over the loss of one manufacturer.
Work from Anywhere

Your business is web based, you do not need a brick and mortar. Once you have your  computer you are mobile, you could be home or away and still have access to your business. Work any hours and days you choose.

Back-end admin login

Accessibility to your back-end allows you to make all the necessary changes and updates to make your store function to your liking.

Your store will be filled with the top products in the natural products industry, and you can also add your own brands.
Stores our Sales Reps have started

Store Owners have created many types of stores using our wide range of categories, mix them however you want, or remove the ones you do not want, here are a few examples below:

Grocery Store
Create a full line of natural products market place selling all categories of products, such as foods, bath & beauty, babies, pets and many more.

Beverage Store
Create a beverage store just focusing on beverages, or maybe a popular combination such as beverages and supplements.

Organic Store
Focus on one category such as organic or gluten-free or vegan or whatever catergory you like. Create more than one store based on different categories.
Household Store
Create a store where all the eco products  are available, and be on the cutting edge of enviromentally safe products.
Store Owners Corner

Join our growing family of sales partners. You will be part of a network that creates business for each other.
Robert Sadigur
Green Eco Market
I was a Regional Manager for GNC for many years. I was in charge of 25 stores and over 200 employees, but nothing gives me greater satisfaction than owning my own business.  I work the hours I want to work, when I want and the potential earnings are limitless.
Jerry Moravian
Jerrys Nutrition Store
I have managed health food stores for somebody else for over 30 years, Green Rep Exchange has now given me my own business, and the work that I put into it I reap the full benefits. I feel much better now about what I am building for my future and my retirement.

Some of the benefits...
No longer depend on a few maunfacturers for your income, which usually lasts a few years at best.
You are building your own business and branding your company name, building your future and not just the manufacturers you sell.
Work from anywhere in the world, while selling to anyone around the world.
Build a secure retirement, knowing you are in charge of your own future. Combining the internet and natural products, both of these have limitless growth.
Network share and do business with other like minded eco store owners who care about the planet and the people on it, who believe in making a profit with a clear conscience.
We have thousands of natural products, you can turn on or turn off products and categories of your choosing, creating the perfect business that meets your ideas and ideals.
Send postcards to your customers highlighting your products.

No scary computer code, easy to use tools with free support.

Video tutorials and Webinar training.

We will show you the best places to advertise your business.

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